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Manure Pumps

A low maintenance, submersible centrifugal.

2″ & 12 ” Discharge Pumps Available In 3′ to 12′ Vertical Settings

Fisher Manure Pumps are high capacity slurry transfer pumps. Impellers can handle solids up to 3″ diameter such as rocks, pop cans & hooves. The unique, self-cleaning impeller blade design prevents build up of animal hair, straw & hay normally found in manure pits. Pumps can be sized for sufficient flow to allow for pit agitation during pump out!

Some standard features of Fisher Pumps are:

  • Double Discharge design equalizes case pressure & maximizes horsepower!
  • Welded construction… No bolts that can work loose… No connections to seal
  • Constructed of 1/4″ & 3/8″ steel with heavy walled tubing
  • All bearings above water level… No oilers to fill daily!
  • No Priming… Self Draining… No Seals

Available Options Include:

  • Agitation Port with Slide Gate Located Above Case Level
  • 90 Degree Gear Box with PTO Driveline for Tractor Power Operation
  • Chopper Blade Attachment… Liquid Level Controls for Automatic Operation
manure pumps
manure pumps