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Fisher Pumps Inc., of Greeley, Colorado started in 1980.

The unique design of these pumps, was originally for pumping extremely abrasive fluids, such as drilling fluids used in the oil fields.

All other competitive submersible pumps use a mechanical bearing or bushing to stabilize the drive shaft and impeller. When pumping abrasive fluids, these bearings or bushings wear out very quickly.

Fisher Pumps has eliminated this problem by designing a double discharge impeller case. This double discharge eliminates any side thrust on the drive shaft and impeller allowing Fisher Pumps to operate without mechanical bearings or bearings submersed in the fluid. While being successful in pumping highly abrasive and viscous fluids in the oil fields, we started experimenting with different impeller curves. From extensive testing, we developed three impeller designs:

  • The mud style for high percentage solids in fluids with high viscosity.
  • The irrigation style for efficient pumping capacities per Horse Power for up to 50 feet of TDH.
  • The manure style for pumping fluids with straw and high percentage solids that will not plug while pumping.

The determining factor in designing these pumps was installing a test facility in our shop. This allowed us to test every design change, blade curves, and fine tune our pumps for each specific use. All of our pumps are checked out for volume from 0 PSI to maximum PSI, or dead headed. We note voltage, amperage draw, and GPM at each setting. This insures that each pump will produce at or above customer specifications.