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Arch Back Trailer Pump

Arch Back Trailer Pump

The Fisher Pump 8″ Arch Back has a 24″ diameter impeller with 2″ wide blades!

Pump is 20 ft. from hitch pin to intake with 30 degrees angled frame for proper PTO operation. Can be operated with 540 to 1000 RPM tractor PTO.

Trailer Pump 8" intake
Trailer Pump 8″ intake

Skid plate for case protection. Spring axle & radial tires for highway transport. Can equip with low discharge post for agitator fitting. Two chopper blades for grass
& weed cutting.

Trailer Pump CV Joint
Trailer Pump CV Joint

V joint made of standard U-joint components. Grease lines to all bearings
on the lower half of the pump.

Trailer Pump Hitch
Trailer Pump Hitch

Cross pipe for one side or two side discharge. Extendable hitch tube for
proper PTO storage. Shear yoke on PTO for overload protection.

Some standard features of Fisher Pumps are:

  • Double Discharge design equalizes case pressure & maximizes horsepower!
  • Welded construction… No bolts that can work lose… No connections to seal
  • Constructed of 1/4″ & 3/8″ steel with heavy walled tubing
  • All bearings above water level… No oilers to fill daily!
  • No Priming… Self Draining… No Seals