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High Volume Pumps

14″ to 18″ Discharges

Pump selections for flows up to 20,000 GPM!

Fisher Pumps High Volume pumps are offered in floating pump or trailer pump styles. For dewatering, flood control or high volume irrigation, these pumps are designed with a double discharge impeller design that equalizes case pressure & maximizes horsepower!

High Volume Trailer Pump
High Volume Trailer Pump

18″ discharge trailer pump has 50″ wide case.

Trailer pumps are over 22 ft. from end to end.

  • Horsepower requirements of 60-200 HP based on head & GPM required.
  • All drives can accept a variety of input horsepower.
  • Belt drives allow pump speed to be changed if head or GPM requirement changes.
  • Floater pumps equipped with heavy walled plastic pontoons that are foam filled.
High Volume Floating Pump

Pontoon assembly is 12 ft. long & 11 ft. wide

Pontoons displacement is 7980 pounds.

Floating Pump