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Aeration Floater Pumps

For Dairy Lagoons, Municipal Waste Water Treatment, Aquaculture and any other application that needs aeration!

Some design features are:

  • “Quick attach” components allows dual use of floater pumps for aeration or water transfer!
  • Designed with -2- air intakes for greater availability of air for oxygen transfer!
  • Below surface discharge for maximum oxygen retention in the fluid!
  • Adjustable diffuser plate to select angle of discharge flow!

The Fisher Pump Aerator Concept

An age old accepted method of raising the oxygen level of a fluid has been to spray the fluid into the air and let the droplets attract oxygen as they fall to the surface. The Fisher Pump Aerator system, as described below, has several features that offer improved efficiency and capability.

  1. A patented air manifold surrounds the intake of the pump. The pre-entrance vortex of fluid, as it passes through the lower air manifold, draws air through the manifold. The air is sheared together with the fluid as is passes through the impeller of the pump. The bubbles of air are much smaller due to this shearing action of the impeller and this greatly improves the surface absorption of oxygen by the fluid.
  2. When the air and fluid mixture discharges from the pump, it passes through a tube equipped with a venturi system to allow the air/fluid mixture to bring in added air in high volume for even more oxygen transfer.
  3. The entire mixture is discharged below fluid level to keep the air and fluid together for as long as possible for maximum oxygen transfer. A deflector on the end of the discharge can control the direction of the discharge flow. If the top of the fluid is the area that requires oxygenation, the discharge can be set horizontally. If solids on the bottom are required to be brought into suspension, the discharge can be lowered to a 45 degree angle to agitate the lower areas with the air/fluid mixture.
  4. The directional flow of the air/fluid discharge circulates the fluid enclosure to insure that all the fluid is treated. The use of two or more units will greatly reduce “dead” areas and insure that all of the fluid is oxygenated. Sprinkler style aerators are inclined to treat the same fluid repeatedly and leave much of the containment area untreated.

An additional advantage of the Fisher Pump Aerator is the ability to shut off the air to the intake manifold and disconnect the venturi discharge, then the Fisher Pump can be used as standard, high volume fluid pump for dewatering or fluid transfer applications.

Aerator Pumps on Water
Aerator Pumps on Water

The 5 HP units shown here have a flow rate of approximately 800 GPM. Higher flow rates are available with the Fisher Pump 12″ model capable of flows over 3800 GPM.